Tensegrity Medicine™

Tensegrity Medicine™ uses a cutting edge, multi-dimensional mind/body approach based on the latest research in fascia (connective tissue).

It addresses chronic conditions and movement dysfunctions by evaluating postural patterns and lifestyle strategies. A comprehensive evaluation sets the stage for a customized session. Myofascial length testing is used to understand the specific fascial restrictions throughout the body, focusing on the GREATEST RESTRICTION and using the 'LESS IS MORE' approach. It is with this information the practitioner is able to determine the type of light manual therapies to utilize, developing a customized hands-on therapeutic plan. 

What can Tensegrity Medicine help with?

  • Restore body awareness, lifestyle strategies and movement patterns.
  • Enables long-lasting benefits for the client's presenting pathology and whole mind/body alignment.
  • Encourages resiliency in dealing with physical and emotional stressors.
  • Addresses acute and chronic conditions and movement dysfunctions.
  • Facilitates connective tissue to return to a more supportive state, allowing the body to maintain its alignment.

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