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Book a Free Consult, New Client Intake Session or TeleHealth Session Here

New Location

If you would like an in-person session please email or text/call. You will not be able to book online.

Our office has moved to the corner of Harrison and 11th Street in Astoria. This is in the gray annex building of the First Presbyterian Church. Address is 1103 Grand Ave, Astoria, OR 97103. My office double doors face Harrison Street, the stairs/wheelchair ramp are graciously lined with lavender plants so its hard to miss!

In-person session's will be on hold from 

Nov. 24th, 2020 to Jan. 16th, 2021

You can book a Telehealth session online during this time.

To save a spot in Jan. for an in-person session, please email or call.

Merkaba Center for Healing is only going to be taking a max of 3 clients per day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays due to the amount of sanitation that takes place in between sessions. I have gone to a work uniform that will be also changed in between clients and all sanitation guidelines will be strictly followed. 

Always, if there is an emergency or urgent matter that needs to be seen immediately, I will try and accommodate. I am also offering home visits for those recovering from surgeries or who are unable to leave the home. Home visits will have an added expense to be determined.

Online booking is currently for Zoom sessions only which include Free Consults, New Client Initial Intake appointments and Long-Distance Telehealth sessions.

In person sessions for existing clients are made with me either via email or phone 209-791-3092.

An extra fee for home visits may apply.

Sliding scale may be applied for those that are still financially affected by the pandemic.

✵ $120 for Initial sessions, 90-120 min.

Sliding scale can be applied

✵ $90 for returning clients 60-90 minutes.

Sliding scale can be applied.

FREE Consults 30 min, phone or zoom only.


 New clients will have to schedule online for a zoom session.  Go to the FORMS page to click the link for your intake form. During your first session, we will be thoroughly discussing your past and current medical history.  The second session will be in-person for energy and physical evaluation testing. 


All Universal Covid precautions will be strictly adhered to. On the day of your appointment you will be asked to fill out an online (or I can print one out) health questionnaire and consent for treatment. This is on a HIPPA compliant website. I will ask you to stay in your vehicle or wait outside at your appointment time until I come tell you its okay to come in. I will take your temperature (on your forehead) upon entering the building, you will use hand sanitizer and remove your shoes at the front door. If walking without shoes is an issue, we will have that discussion. If you are coming from work, you will need to bring a change of clothes for your therapy session. I will ask that you bring your own water (I will have some there in case you forget). Masks will be required unless there is a valid health concern that is discussed ahead of time. Please be honest on the health questionnaire, if you are feeling under the weather AT ALL, please reschedule the session. If you know someone that is getting a Covid test, regardless, you will not be allowed a session until that person’s test results come back. I will not charge any cancelation fees; I just want us all to take full responsibility for health of ourselves and others. I will do the same. If I am not feeling 100%, I will cancel, even if it’s at the last moment. Please know that this is the new way of being during this pandemic and I take it all very seriously.

Online TeleHealth Sessions

Due to Covid-19 still prevalent and the upcoming holiday season, we are offering an online option for long distance appointments. You will need to have access to a computer for the online face to face contact.

 I will email a simple link that clients can join me in a face to face session via Zoom.  We will be able to check in and speak about what’s happening and then I will commence a long distance session (which has been a part of my training) to support your health and wellness. If you do not have a computer we can speak over the phone.

I have worked on many clients outside the county and state with good success. All my work can be incorporated into a long distance session .

These sessions can be offered at a SLIDING SCALE rate in order to support as many people as I can that may be financially affected by closures and shutdowns.

Let me know if you would be interested in this approach and we can set up an appointment to discuss the details of how this method works.. 

 Choose the FREE CONSULT button at the top of this page so we can speak via phone or online before making a commitment for a session. 

Long Distance Testimonial

I am amazed. I didn't know much about resonance frequencies, let alone a long distance treatment. In all honesty I was slightly skeptical, but was curious if it could be effective. I had been dealing with off and on fever, body aches, and respiratory issues for a few weeks- all of the wrong symptoms amidst the current pandemic. Kendra said she would do some work, and I trusted her good intentions. That day I noticed "vibrations" , almost like a shiver in my body, in my arms, and up my neck and shoulders. Over the course of a few days this continued off and on, and my symptoms started to fade immediately. I had been taking otc medicines to cope, but honestly didn't get real improvement until her work. 4 days in I'm feeling almost 💯.

~ Client from Michigan, March 2020

Scientific Research in Energy Work

'The Healing Field'  

Watch this video on Amazon Prime to explore breakthroughs in energy medicine, quantum physics, DNA and genetics,  the biochemistry of emotions and the power of heart, mind and intentions.

Paying it forward

Another note, there are many of us that have been financially affected by Covid. For those of you that are financially strapped I will have a sliding scale for you. For those of you that are still working as usual or that are getting supplemental income via Unemployment, I please ask for you to pay the full price of sessions. By doing so, it helps compensate for those that are not able to afford my prices. Think of it as a 'paying it forward' act of kindness. I will not turn anyone down that needs this work and its people like you that can help them get the therapy they need. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Payment​ Options

Merkaba Center for Healing, LLC does not accept Insurance

Accepted payment by cash, check or major credit card