Sliding scale will be applied for those that are still financially affected by the pandemic.


TeleHealth sessions now open.


 In person sessions to be opening by July/Aug timeframe.  Will announce new space and hours once I am seeing clients in person again. 

✵ $110 for Initial sessions, 90-120 min. 

Sliding scale is $75-$110.

 ✵$90 for returning clients 60-90 minutes. 

Sliding scale is $55 - $90.


FREE Consults 30 min

HIPPA Compliant online intake form 

Please use this LINK to fill out Initial Intake Form.  This is within the privacy guidelines and HIPPA Compliance. 


Integrative TeleHealth sessions are unique to each client. Every session will be different and completely guided by using intuition from source, spirit and guides (mine and yours) to allow a one of a kind, personalized therapeutic session which might include Reiki, Shamanic healing, sound healing, crystals, aromatherapy, resonance frequencies, Chakra balancing,, Bowenwork, mind/body reconnection, dialogue around core belief patterns that may no longer be serving you, and homework exercises that will continue supporting your healing journey. By clicking the link below, it will take you straight to my zoom room for your scheduled appointment.

 Please have zoom downloaded first, its free!

Once established for an appointment I will email or text you the password to get into the room.



Merkaba Center does not accept Insurance.

Invoice will be sent and payment by major credit card accepted.