Merkaba Center for Healing, LLC is about grounding, growth and creating a space for clients to initiate their own body's healing process. 

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Kendra Bratherton, OTA, PBP, Reiki Master, 

Owner of Merkaba Center for Healing, LLC


Occupational Therapy Assistant License: OR 1008792 

Kendra has an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy, a B.A. in Psychology, is a Certified Practitioner in  Bowenwork®, Tensegrity Medicine™ , Shamanism and Reiki.  and 

soon to be a nationally Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS).


Kendra is a Level 2 Practitioner and has accumulated 257 + hours in her ongoing training in Tensegrity Medicine™  with Kelly Clancy, OTR/L, CHT, LMP, Founder of the Northwest School of Structural Therapy and Developer of the Tensegrity Medicine™ Methodology.

Kendra's specialties have been in physical rehabilitation, neurological disorders and hand therapy. She has worked for Cleveland Clinic Hospitals, greater Detroit hospitals, Astoria Physical Therapy and the former Pacific NW Occupational Therapy Clinic.

 She serves as a Faculty member for the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program at Linn-Benton Community College where she is an instructor for OTA students.  

Kendra is the Founder/Leader of the Pacific Northwest Head Injury Support Group (Astoria, OR) which is currently on hold due to the pandemic.

To reach out, email us:  Head Injury Support Group.

She serves on the Board of Directors, as Secretary, for the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon (BIAOR) and is a presenter at the Annual PNW Head Injury Conference in Portland, Oregon. 

From a very young age Kendra was taught the meaning of the Finnish word -  SISU.

 " SISU begins where perseverance ends " 

 Kendra has had numerous empirical experiences with both brain injury and spinal cord trauma. When the last brain injury occurred in November of 2005, fruitless years followed as she spent trying to recover without much success. Conventional medicine had plateaued. This experience inspired her to continue her healing journey through avenues outside of conventional medicine. Through her tumultuous and lengthy recovery, using alternative and holistic treatment, she was able to find employment and worked her way back into the Occupational Therapy field. After a few years of being back to work, Kendra was then able to return back to school. This time for Reiki, Shamanism,  Tensegrity Medicine™ and Bowenwork®. In February 2018 she opened her own holistic practice in Astoria, OR. 

Tensegrity Medicine™ as my overall approach

How this approach differs from traditional methods ?

  • No longer relies on outdated biomechanics model for assessment, instead looking at 3 dimensional balance.
  • Is not trying to find symmetry but explores the unique expression of the client.
  • No longer depending upon the approach that the therapist is the 'fixer', however, facilitates the clients own self healing mechanisms.
  • Is not operating from a disease model, but a wholeness paradigm.
  • Is not about treating the 'site of pain' but the system as a whole, including the energy system.
  • Is not therapist driven, instead utilizes the client's 'body wisdom' to guide each unique session.