Merkaba Center for Healing, LLC

Integration of Mind. Body. Spirit.

Kendra Bratherton (she/her), OTA/L, PBP, CBIS 

Owner of Merkaba Center for Healing, LLC


Associate’s in Occupational Therapy,  B.A. in Psychology.

Certified Practitioner in Bowenwork®, Tensegrity Medicine™, & Reiki.

Nationally Certified Brain Injury Specialist. 


 Instructor for the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program at Linn-Benton Community College.  

Founder/Facilitator of the Pacific Northwest Head Injury Support Group

 Head Injury Support Group.


Kendra believes we are all capable of healing from within with the presence of compassionate witnessing and facilitation. She has recovered from countless experiences throughout her life, including spinal and skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord trauma, PTSD, and early childhood trauma. Through her many years of self-discovery, she found pathways to heal from within, bringing forth her personal and professional knowledge to her life’s work, and has a passion for helping others discover their resilience and healing. Kendra has three daughters, two dogs, and one cat. She loves being outdoors and cherishes moments with her loved ones. Kendra has a passion for breaking through barriers that hold humans back from their limitless potential, connecting to earth and animals, teaching, and traveling. She aspires to become an inspirational speaker and write a book one day.

Kendra's people are from Finland, the British Isles, the Netherlands, Canada, Norway, and Scotland. – via Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania. Kendra grew up on Potawatomi land in West Michigan and currently resides on Clatsop land in Astoria, Oregon, with her daughters and animals.



Tensegrity Medicine™ as my overall approach

How this approach differs from traditional methods ?

  • No longer relies on outdated biomechanics model for assessment, instead looking at 3 dimensional balance.
  • Is not trying to find symmetry but explores the unique expression of the client.
  • No longer depending upon the approach that the therapist is the 'fixer', however, facilitates the clients own self healing mechanisms.
  • Is not operating from a disease model, but a wholeness paradigm.
  • Is not about treating the 'site of pain' but the system as a whole.
  • Is not therapist driven, instead utilizes the client's 'body wisdom' to guide each unique session.