Year 2020 means

it's time to reset our Nervous Systems!

The last few months the worlds Nervous System has been knocked WAY off kilter.  The beauty of Bowen Therapy is that it directly helps take the Nervous System out of Fight, Flight or Freeze and brings it down into a calmer, rest and digest state.  I don't know anyone right now that doesn't need a little help in this department.   Whether this work is done via Telehealth or in-person, it will most certainly help your system....which will in turn help those around you and feed the earth calmer energy!  

Are you ready to REDUCE PAIN and


We are offering a gentle, yet therapeutic energy/bodywork that helps release limitations, creating alignment, ease and resilience within your system.

by Appointment Only

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The Goal

There will be an intake form to fill (print one here) for the initial visit, discussion of medical history, postural assessments to determine what's happening in the overall structure, myofascial length testing, height measurements and dialogue regarding lifestyle choices, and 

To facilitate our body's own healing response and to allow the informs the practitioner of what it needs and where we should start in this therapeutic approach. 

 Most people require 3-10 sessions depending on their specific needs. 

Merkaba Center for Healing is Featured in Hipfish Monthly

Click below to load the May Issue of Hipfish,  the article can be found on page 12.